Sisley Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch


Sisley Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch

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For visibly longer, curved, soft and protected eyelashes. Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch instantly lengthens, curls and separates the lashes. Its formula protects, respects and strengthens lashes day after day (Pro-Vitamin B5 and Rice phytoceramides). Its exclusive high-tech brush, composed of 2 types of fibers, perfectly defines lashes – even the shortest. Easy and accurate to apply, it does not clump or leave marks under the eyes; long-lasting mascara for impeccable lashes. Does not run or flake and dries rapidly. Tested under ophthalmological conditions. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Usage tips: Begin by applying Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch to upper lashes, use the brush starting from the root to the tip to coat each lash. Apply one or more successive coats to create the desired intensity. Open up the eye by using the tip of the brush to apply mascara to the lashes in the outer corner of the eye. Results: Upon application, lashes are longer, curled and well defined, with no product overload. Day after day, lashes are protected, strengthened and more supple. The look is intensified and lashes are magnified. Active Ingredients: Castor oil: embellishes, nourishes and smoothes lashes Pro-Vitamin B5: leaves lashes silky-smooth and supple Rice Phytoceramides: strengthens the lash structure and makes it more resistant Natural carnauba and bees waxes: coat and lengthen


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