Sisley Mascara So Intense


Sisley Mascara So Intense

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Instant volume and length. The eyelashes are visibly longer and thicker, day after day. So Intense is a volumizing and fortifying mascara. Its unique formula (enriched with vitamin-rich Peptide) works to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes within just 2 weeks. Its ultra-pure, double-coated pigments provide long wear and intense color. Its innovative comb brush perfectly distributes the product. It covers and separates lashes for an ultra-voluminous effect. Eyelashes are immediately thickened and volumized. Day after day, lashes are longer, denser, more beautiful, and stronger (Rice phytoceramides). Tested under ophthalmologic and dermatological control. Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. Usage tips: Begin by applying So Intense mascara to the tip of the upper eyelashes. Then, comb eyelashes from root to tip to cover each eyelash. Apply one or several coats according to the intensity you desire. To make eyes look larger, use the comb brush to extend the eyelashes from the outer corner of your eye. Results: Upon the application the eyelashes are immediately lengthened, curled and more defined. Day after day, eyelashes become longer and thicker. Your eyes are intensified and magnified. Active Ingredients: Vitamin-rich Peptide: works on the eyelashes’ length and thickness Castor oil: beautifies, nourishes, and smoothes eyelashes Provitamin B5: leaves eyelashes supple and silky Rice phytoceramides: reinforces the eyelashes’ structure and makes them stronger Carnauba wax: coats and promotes a volumized effect Beeswax: protects and separates eyelashes


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