Prada L’Homme Deodorant Stick, 75ml


Prada L’Homme Deodorant Stick, 75ml

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The instinctive, human, highly crafted and boundlessly imaginative approach that Prada ascribes to the making of fragrance is everywhere present in the ‘olfactory maps’ for both La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada. Designed to take the wearer on a voyage through place, memory and time, somehow there appears a sensual meeting point for these distinct female and male fragrances to consummate an aesthetic relationship through experimentation and tradition. L’Homme Prada is a fragrance of pairs, of doubles, of juxtapositions and layers. The classic codes of the male Fougère are all present in neroli, geranium and patchouli. Layer with the Eau de Toilette for a longer lasting scent.


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