Lipstick Queen Blusher, Frog Prince


Lipstick Queen Blusher, Frog Prince

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A year after the world fell in love with the sensational, sell-out green lipstick that transforms into your own flattering shade of rosebud pink, Lipstick Queen brings you Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lip Gloss, two enchanting new ways to bring a little fairy tale magic to your makeup.   Both gloss and blush work with the same pH-reacting, colour-changing technology as the lipstick to tint lips and cheeks a long-lasting and natural fairy tale pink……   With its petal-soft texture and translucent finish, this silky, gel-cream formula brings a natural, rosy flush to the cheeks despite its astonishing lily pad green appearance.   The unique colour is subtle yet highly buildable, with a soft sheen for a flattering, cheek-sculpting effect.   Natural oils including Avocado, Jojoba and Olive, plus Vitamin E and Shea Butter ensure skin remains soft and moisturised. Apply with fingers or with a brush. 


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