Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer


Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer

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Giorgio Armani Beauty introduces Sepia, the new Spring/Summer 2016 collection, inspired by the sepia photographs of the past.   Sepia toning in photography gives a warm hue to the prints, a bronzed luminosity to the skin; it emphasises the elegance of the features while illuminating and softening them.   The Sepia Palette acts the same way. The star product of the collection, the Sepia Palette features a highlighting-contouring powder. It envelops the skin in a veil of subtle light and smooth’s out imperfections, to deliver the signature Armani glow. All this in a texture that is silky smooth, light and soft.   The Sepia collection also includes three shades of Rouge D’Armani lipstick and three brand new High Precision Brow Pencils. These fit perfectly alongside the highly regarded Maestro Summer Bronzer, and the classic Armani Nail Lacquer polish.   The Sepia collection features three shades of nail lacquer inspired by the warm colours reminiscent of old photographs:   – N° 105 Taupe Greige – N° 502 Scarlatto – N° 602 Night Viper These SEPIA colours, which work perfectly alongside the star palette and lipsticks, complete this Spring/Summer look.   The Nail Lacquer’s liquid-gel technology not only allows a precise and easy application, but also provides a shine result equivalent to that of a top coat. A ‘crystal shine’ polymer is incorporated in the formula to intensify the colour and boost the shine. 


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