Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter, Pretty Fresh


Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter, Pretty Fresh

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Pretty Youth Glow Filter in either Pretty Fresh or Seduce Blush are youth-enhancing cheek filters that make you look instantly fresh and glowing. A cream to powder texture that goes on like silk, it’s inspired by the youthful, playful filters that give you an instant fresh, pretty cheek glow. Charlotte has created a cheek filter palette, a blurring beauty blush and highlighter, to give you that just-run-through-a-meadow youth glow filter in real life, real time. Ingredients: Rubbery Waxes: two soft waxes combined with one rigid wax gives structure and a ‘first touch’ rubbery sensorial texture to the product, also helping to create perfect pick-up with a face brush Silica: allows for a perfect blendable application with a dry-touch feeling. It has a nude skin sensation and creates a blurring effect Pearly Pigments in Pretty Fresh: creates mutlicolour reflections to catch the light Perfect Vibrant Pigments in Seduce Blush: adds intense and brilliant colour to the formula, but gives a delicate veil of colour when applied, all thanks to the optimum yield of pigments Pretty Fresh: A coral pink blush with a pearlescent pink highlighter Seduce Blush: A nude pink blush with a champagne rose highlighter


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